At National Foods, we focus on 6 key principles to continually develop our people, enabling them to grow individually while contributing to our purpose “Together we feed and nourish the nation”. These principles create an empowering environment, encouraging all employees to evolve and progress to be future-fit. Click here to learn more about our 6 key principles.

Our culture is unmistakably recognised as one of ongoing learning and career development. We are intentional in providing all our people with a platform that allows them to learn, develop and grow – ultimately ensuring that they are ready to take on the future, no matter what stage of their career they are in.

We offer 4 different professional development programmes:

Graduate Training Programme

National Foods Ltd has built a Graduate Training Programme, where graduates put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Upon going through a highly competitive selection process, successful graduates join the company for 18 months through this programme. Candidates have the opportunity to work with a range of highly-skilled teams, with their rotational assignments underpinned by a mentorship programme to support them throughout their development period.


The company provides college learners with internships to give them hands-on experience in their respective fields of study. Students also get the fantastic opportunity to apply for the Graduate Training Programme upon completion of their studies.


For those pursuing technical development, National Foods Ltd is accredited by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to facilitate student learning through our apprenticeship programme. Students are enrolled and taken through supervised learning exposures throughout their programme, facilitating the growth and development of their professional and technical skills.

Professional Development

National Foods Ltd offers various professional development programmes to our experienced mid-career recruits. We ensure that development planning is at an individual level and that continuous development is self-propelled. For entry level professionals, National Foods Ltd offers programmes such as the Training on Professional Practice (TOPP) for Accountants, as we are accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountancy (ICAZ). Learners on this programme have the opportunity to receive coaching from highly-experienced Chartered Accountants at National Foods Ltd. We welcome professionals from various backgrounds, ensuring relevant development investments in our people.