Your trusted baking partner since 1920, Gloria Flour turns 100 years this year. Over the years, it has become Zimbabwe’s most revered flour brand. Gloria has been passed on from Grandmother to Mother to Granddaughter for a hundred years. Awarded the Most Consistent brand in 2019 at Superbrand Awards, Gloria flour has been the reason for happiness in most households when a mother bakes for her family and fills the kitchen with the baking aroma. Gloria Flour continues to deliver on its promise, a trait you can easily see with the consumer-led evolution of the brand. Having most recently launched the Self Raising Cake Flour as well as the new look All Purpose Flour (Formerly Plain Flour), High Fibre Wheat Flour (Formerly Brown Flour) and the refreshed Self Raising Flour packaging, one can clearly see that Gloria Flour will continue to Rise and make you Shine for the next 100 years.

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