Our People

NFL prides itself in having a highly engaged and energised team who contribute to the greater goals of the organisation. NFL employs over 1300 staff, 630 of whom are permanent.

Careers at NFL

NFL being a food manufacturing entity offers a complete value chain in the supply of basic goods in the country. As a result people have a wide range of opportunities with our business which cut across from Manufacturing, Milling, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Distribution. Careers in NFL are spread and varied across diverse fields.

Our Values

As National Foods our values are derived from an internal and external outlook.

Looking Outwards

Customer and Consumer Centricity

  • We relentlessly pursue Innovation to improve the livelihoods of our consumers.
  • Our Customers and Consumers are at the core of what we do.
  • We produce Affordable and Nutritious products for all market segments.


In Short: I CAN
I – Innovate
C – Consumer/Customer
A – Affordability
N – Nutrition

Looking In

Our Strength lies in our People

  • We have a passion for Excellence.
  • We have a non-negotiable Performance culture.
  • We create an Environment for people to grow & contribute to the best of their abilities through stewardship & training.

Our core values are Respect, Integrity and Diversity.

In Short: PRIDE
P – People
R – Respect
I – Integrity
D – Diversity
E – Environment