The Pearlenta brand is the embodiment premium nutrition. The brand name is derived from the name ‘pearl’. The pearl is a metaphor, for something fine, valuable, pure and admirable. Pearlenta started off as a sub-brand of Red Seal but has since become a multi-category brand with the inception of breakfast category under the Pearlenta Nutri Active brand. The proposition of the brand has evolved in line with consumer needs from perfection to premium nutrition.

Refined Maize Category
Pearlenta is made from first class quality maize grains, which are specially selected and milled to deliver a premium quality maize meal. Our experienced Millers extract the purest part of the maize grain, which is full of flavour, to provide a product which is loved by many and uses less to cook more. Pearlenta is available in 3 variants Pearlenta Super Refined, Pearlenta High Fibre Maize Bran and Pearlenta High Fibre Wheat Bran.

Breakfast Category
National Foods Limited launched its first Breakfast Category offering, Pearlenta Nutri Active Instant Porridge. The instant porridge is National Food’s first offering under the Nutri Active proposition in the Pearlenta portfolio as the brand moves beyond just maize meal. Currently Pearlenta Nutri Active Instant Porridge is available in Original, Strawberry, Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavours.

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